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Buying Time
Trading your savings for income and lifestyle in your prime retirement years
By Daryl Diamond CLU, CHFC, CFP

Most people spend a lifetime trying to save enough money to carry them through retirement, as well as dreaming about what they'll do with all that free time. But, sadly, what often happens is that people don't spend their money in retirement because they're too afraid of not having enough to last. Retirees often don't make the most of their 'golden years' because they're too busy hanging onto their money to cover the 'olden years', often depriving themselves of the lifestyle they've earned, as well as leaving large tax and estate bills.


Buying Time is an integrated approach to planning your income in retirement, so that you can do everything you want and still cover everything you need. It shows readers how to make the most efficient use of their assets, to apply different strategies at different stages of retirement, and to make the best of their prime years while still providing for contingencies and long-term health considerations.


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