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Severance and Early Retirement Packages
By Daryl Diamond CFP CLU CH.F.C. and
Robin Muir CFP CLU CH.F.C.
ISBN 0-9730175-4-6
36 pages

Overview:This workshop was written in consultation with Hatch and Muir, a Victoria, BC based independent financial planning firm, to give employees a better understanding of the financial implications of severance and early retirement packages.
A unique feature of this program is that it can be customized to include the details of your severance package, company logos and contact information. Contact us for pricing, minimum orders and more information.

Facilitators: Each seminar is facilitated by a member of Rarestone's national network. Facilitators are carefully selected and have, at a minimum, CFP (Certified Financial Planner) designations. Employers are encouraged to include other professionals as needed.

Materials: Course material is specific to Canadians. All materials are updated frequently, ensuring that your employees receive the most current information. Each participant will receive a workbook. Facilitators are able to present the material using either overhead transparencies or Microsoft PowerPoint.

Program Length: Severance and Early Retirement Packages can be presented as a single session, usually two hours in length.

Education modules: Seminar content includes:

  • Issues to Consider
  • The Impact on Your Family
  • Money Management Tips
  • Tax Planning
  • Retiring Allowance Rules
  • Benefit Replacement Issues
  • Employment Insurance

Buying Time
by Daryl Diamond

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by Daryl Diamond

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