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Prime Approach Retirement Planning deals with issues important to those who are within ten years of a target retirement date and focuses on creating income from assets.

Plansmart Financial Planning is for those in the early to mid-career stage and helps participants understand why there are financial planning priorities.

Severance and Early Retirement Packages gives you a better understanding of the financial implications of severance and early retirement packages.

Finance and Investing for Women focuses on specific factors affecting women's finances.

The Income Protection Seminar Series will show you how to guard against income loss in the event of critical illness, disability or death.

Planning for Assisted Living and Long-Term Care helps you prepare for the contingencies of aging.

Finance and Investing for Women
Over the course of their lifetimes, 80 - 90% of women will find themselves solely responsible for making financial decisions. Are you prepared?

Why should there be any distinction between between men and women when it comes to financial planning?

Such economic factors as stock market performance, interest rate movements, and rates of inflation do not favour one sex over the other. However, investor behaviour and investment time horizons can have significant impact on the outcome of your investing activity. There are factors that may differ greatly between men and women.

Women’s work patterns can also have significant impact on their financial affairs. General wage levels, CPP, and RSP contribution levels may all be affected by interrupted careers, usually due to family issues.

This course will identify some of the factors that may influence your lifetime investment results and help you develop informed strategies to manage your resources as effectively as possible.

The Finance and Investing for Women program modules

At your option, you will receive a one-on-one consultation with a planning specialist to help you structure your own personal plan.

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Recommended reading


Buying Time
by Daryl Diamond

The Structure of Retirement Income by Daryl Diamond


Finance and Investing for Women
By Karen Diamond B Admin CFP R.F.P.
ISBN 0-9730175-6-2
176 pages

Program Modules

Basic Financial Concepts
Certain basic concepts are essential to understanding the importance of strategic planning. Recognizing the impact of such factors as inflation, compounding, real rates of return, and demographic influences are a sound starting point.

Taxes And Tax Planning
Knowing how the Canadian tax system works and what can be done to reduce the amount of tax that is paid is the focus of this module. Suggested strategies illustrate how Canadians can keep more of their money working for themselves, resulting in significant long-term benefits.

Budgeting, Cash Flow and Debt Management
Major expenses such as mortgages, car loans and the costs of raising a family are high at a time when people are getting started. How can they balance these obligations while trying to enjoy their current lifestyle and save for the future?

Managing Risks
This session deals with the risks that can impair or stop an individual's earning power. Specifically, the topics of life, disability and critical illness insurance are examined.

Planning For The Future
Although such things as retirement and tuition costs may seem to be far off in the future when you’re just starting out, small sacrifices made today can foster huge results down the road. Having a plan and starting early are two key messages covered in this section.

Investing and Portfolio Structure
What is the best approach to investing in order to balance risk and return? This session deals with investment alternatives, the costs of investing and the portfolio approach that differentiates investing from speculating.

Sources Of Retirement Income
This material examines the best use of personal assets, government entitlements and employer sponsored programs in structuring retirement income.

Wills etc.
This section looks at some basic estate planning issues including the use of wills and trusts. The content is applicable not only to the participants but also to their parents because of intergenerational wealth transfer issues that may impact both parties directly.

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