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Prime Approach Retirement Planning deals with issues important to those who are within ten years of a target retirement date and focuses on creating income from assets.

Plansmart Financial Planning is for those in the early to mid-career stage and helps participants understand why there are financial planning priorities.

Severance and Early Retirement Packages gives you a better understanding of the financial implications of severance and early retirement packages.

Finance and Investing for Women focuses on specific factors affecting women's finances.

The Income Protection Seminar Series will show you how to guard against income loss in the event of critical illness, disability or death.

Planning for Assisted Living and Long-Term Care helps you prepare for the contingencies of aging.

Planning for Assisted Living and Long-Term Care
Your health may be your wealth, but it's your health that may destroy your wealth

When preparing for retirement, most people envision those years when they and their partners are active and healthy - a time when they have control of their lives and are free to devote most of their time to leisure, travel, hobbies, and other pursuits of their own choosing. These are the golden years, the prime retirement years before you or your partner get sick, require care or even pass away. The assets they have accumulated are employed to buy their lifestyle.

But as they reach their 80's and 90's, they may being to require help with everyday activities. These are the olden years that require assets to be deployed in a different manner - to manage healthcare.

Planning for Assisted Living and Long-Term Care will help you understand the financial and lifestyle implications of healthcare and provide you with the information you need to build your own plan to cope with the contingencies of aging.

"What will I learn?"

At your option, you will receive a one-on-one consultation with a planning specialist to help you structure your own personal plan.

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Recommended reading


Buying Time
by Daryl Diamond

The Structure of Retirement Income by Daryl Diamond


Planning for Assisted Living and Long-Term Care
By Karen Diamond B Admin CFP R.F.P.
ISBN 0-9730175-1-1
176 pages

Program Modules

The Olden Years and The Golden Years Lifestyle implications Financial implications of healthcare Social trends and demographic issues Governments are already looking ahead Personal assets and income will contribute to cost recovery Planning objectives How to control the outcome of your experience Possible funding options for long-term care

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