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Prime Approach™ Retirement Planning deals with issues important to those who are within ten years of a target retirement date and focuses on creating income from assets.

Plansmart™ Financial Planning is for those in the early to mid-career stage and helps participants understand why there are financial planning priorities.

Severance and Early Retirement Packages gives you a better understanding of the financial implications of severance and early retirement packages.

Finance and Investing for Women focuses on specific factors affecting women's finances.

The Income Protection Seminar Series will show you how to guard against income loss in the event of critical illness, disability or death.

Planning for Assisted Living and Long-Term Care helps you prepare for the contingencies of aging.

Prime Approach™ Retirement Planning
Have the retirement you want instead of taking the one you get

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If you are planning to retire or are recently retired, Prime Approach™ Retirement Planning can help you make the most of your financial assets.

"What will Prime Approach™ Retirement Planning teach me?"

In comfortable classroom sessions, you will learn how to structure your retirement to achieve the results you want.

Armed with insight and planning tips, you will be on your way to mapping out a personal plan that makes the most of what you've got.

By understanding how to employ your accumulated retirement assets, you can enhance your lifestyle in the prime retirement years and prepare for the contingencies of aging.

Prime Approach Retirement Planning sessions are facilitated by knowledgable financial advisors. They can be held as part of a continuing education program or as part of your employee benefits package.

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Buying Time
by Daryl Diamond

The Structure of
Retirement Income
by Daryl Diamond


Prime Approach Retirement Planning
By Daryl Diamond CFP CLU CHFC
ISBN 0-9730175-0-3
177 pages

Program Modules

Basic Financial Concepts
Basic economic factors affect planning for retirement income. A full understanding of inflation and compounding, demographic influences, real rates of return and how they relate to the retirement years provides a better appreciation for some of the strategies used in this program.

Taxes And Tax Planning
The section explains taxation issues during the retirement years and suggests strategies that can be adopted now, in advance, to reduce your tax bill and leave you with more money to spend in retirement.

Initial Considerations – Gathering Information
Retirement is a new phase with new issues. The material covered in this section is designed to have the participants grasp the "big picture" while at the same time have them think about and document the specifics of their own situation.

Government Benefits, Pensions and RRSP’s
Details of CPP/OAS, pension and RRSP's are covered in this section. There are many alternatives for each of the above sources of income. How can they be combined most effectively?

Income Options
This brings many of the pieces of the puzzle together. What sources are best to use first? What are the various income options to consider? How do government benefits, employer programs and personal assets, both registered and non-registered