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Prime Approach Retirement Planning deals with issues important to those who are within ten years of a target retirement date and focuses on creating income from assets.

Plansmart Financial Planning is for those in the early to mid-career stage and helps participants understand why there are financial planning priorities.

Severance and Early Retirement Packages gives you a better understanding of the financial implications of severance and early retirement packages.

Finance and Investing for Women focuses on specific factors affecting women's finances.

The Income Protection Seminar Series will show you how to guard against income loss in the event of critical illness, disability or death.

Planning for Assisted Living and Long-Term Care helps you prepare for the contingencies of aging.

Severance and Early Retirement Packages
When considering a severance or early retirement package, there are many issues that need to be addressed.

Accepting a severance or early retirement package is a decision that needs to be assessed carefully and should involve all of the individuals that may be affected.

Whether or not you take the package you are being offered will depend on your own personal circumstances. The choice of retirement or a voluntary departure may not be seen as a good option to one individual, however, it may be seen as an excelled opportunity to someone else.

Severance and Early Retirement Packages will help you assess your current situation, provides valuable tax planning and money management tips, issues relating to benefit replacement and how to make the best use government benefits in your financial plan.

At your option, you will receive a one-on-one consultation with a planning specialist to help you structure your own personal plan.

This workshop was written in consultation with Hatch and Muir, a Victoria, British Columbia based independent financial planning firm. Hatch and Muir specializes in the areas of severance, early retirement and voluntary retirement packages.

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